We are a team of entrepreneurs, successful business builders and operators seeking to partner with an owner who wants to reduce their day-to-day involvement, retire, or launch their next entrepreneurial venture. We have a successful track record of growing and scaling organizations while ensuring legacy preservation and offering an attractive exit opportunity.


Although these criteria will serve as a framework for ideal circumstances, we acknowledge the unlikelihood that a potential acquisition will meet all these criteria.

Owners Situation
  • Focused on legacy preservation 

  • Willingness to reduce day-to-day operational involvement

  • Employee focused

  • Diversify assets and/or transition out of business

Business Positioning
  • Provides mission critical services and/or products

  • Clear customer value proposition

  • Customer-centric

  • Pricing power

  • High customer switching costs

Financial Drivers
  • $1mm-$5mm in annual profit

  • 2+ Years of  growth and profitability