Founder's Story

Legacies are cultivated over several generations...

With Spain in shambles as the 1936 civil war began, my grandfather was forced to leave Galicia for Cuba. His plantation and processing plant became one of Cuba’s largest sugarcane producers, affording him the opportunity to buy and build companies across industries… until Fidel Castro took everything and exiled my family. After being exiled twice, he began to rebuild but his journey was cut short, passing away at his prime. His perseverance and positivity in the face of adversity ingrained in our family values the importance of grit in cultivating legacy.


My Grandfather just before fleeing Cuba


A generation later, with nothing to his name, my father saw an opportunity in telecom. In college, while waiting at Clyde’s in D.C., my dad struck a conversation with senior leaders of MCI Communications that led to a job. He worked relentlessly, eventually becoming President/CEO of Brazil’s largest telecom company. And in 2004, after an unsuccessful buyout, he retired to focus on building the family business and philanthropy. His dynamism and decisiveness expanded my understanding of building a legacy.

My father gave me a front-row seat to his entrepreneurial endeavors, teaching me the value of building a legacy, and putting people first.

Like my grandfather and father, I see opportunities. In college, discovering a pearl market while in Manila, I imported them and made a deal with a Saks store to sell the jewelry. After graduating from UVA, I shifted to a career in wealth management, serving in sales, strategy, and management positions at UBS, RBC, and On Target Investments. I knew I had a lot to learn from entrepreneurs and business owners if I was to achieve my goal of following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather in business. It was here that I understood a deeper purpose to the values of stewardship and grit that my family had so deeply ingrained in me. I saw how my clients prioritized their family’s legacy over profit maximization goals and I am proud to have helped them.

My father and I


Now in my mid-thirties and a first-time father to a little girl, I’ve decided to reengage with the dream of building my legacy. Like most business owners, my entrepreneurial passion and hunger to build a business are the driving force behind my journey. I’m grateful to have the best partners – a group of entrepreneurs who have built and operated businesses and are deeply invested in helping me grow and do the same. Most importantly, we are aligned in our purpose that nothing is worth doing unless it is in the service of others and business is the most powerful tool for accomplishing this. I’m excited and grateful to have the opportunity to steward one great business for the long-term.

Our daughter, my wife, our dog, and I